Frequently Asked Questions About Our Auditing Services

Why do B2B companies work with IMG?

B2B merchants are some of the best merchants we can serve. With the changing landscape of business-to-business payments, we have seen that many vendors and clients are utilizing e-payable solutions to pay invoices. With the transition away from ACH/wire and check, many businesses are being forced to incur the purchasing card/business credit card/corporate credit card processing fee. IMG can help save your business money without switching any of your current relationships.

Why do utility merchants work with IMG?

In many industries, the majority of payments are made with a Visa or MasterCard. As such, the card brands give a discount to specialized industries. IMG can determine if your company is receiving the incentives you are entitled to.

Why do non-profits work with IMG?

Many non-profits accept credit card donations from not only consumers but also businesses. With the changing online needs of non-profit donor portals, IMG can determine if your organization is receiving the proper card brand incentives.

Why do government agencies work with IMG?

Many municipalities and government agencies are entitled to special pricing by the card brands. In most cases these incentives are not being passed on because of a failure by the processor to code them correctly. IMG can determine if you are forfeiting money.

How does the free merchant statement audit work?

Our proprietary software will provide a complimentary scan of your statement. An analysis report will be generated in 3-5 business days, highlighting potential line item savings for your business.

Does IMG offer other services, such as utility audits, FedEx audits, small parcel audits, or telecom audits?

IMG prides itself on being a pioneer in the finance technology space. We only provide our clients with merchant services auditing and consulting needs. We do not offer utility audits, FedEx audits, small parcel audits or telecom audits. We do have relationships with those affiliated and would be happy to make an introduction should you need such services.

How does IMG get compensated?

IMG shares in the savings we deliver to your business. We are only compensated once you realize savings.

Does my company have to switch from our current bank or credit card processor?

No. Independent Merchant Group respects and values the relationship you have with your current bank or credit card processor. We will deliver savings while maintaining this existing relationship.

My business has grown since I signed up with one of the largest banks in the country a few years ago. How do I know that I'm getting the best rates?

Your bank and processor probably have not revisited the growth or changing needs of your business since you signed the initial agreement. As a result, you may have outdated pricing and hidden surcharges. IMG will evaluate your rate based on your business volume, industry, risk and other factors to ensure you get the best possible rate.


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