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IMG solely focuses on assisting you in realizing the greatest monetary savings possible on your merchant services fees. Our unique and proprietary system allows you to utilize these cost-saving measures without the need for your company to change your current merchant services provider.


Our company carefully analyzes the fee structure that your company is being charged by your merchant services provider. By reviewing monthly statements, and utilizing our software system, we are able to break down each charge, and identify hidden surcharges, inflated fees, and any errors that may be present. At IMG, we offer our merchant consulting services to your company with absolutely no upfront cost or commitment!


After a comprehensive audit of your merchant services statement, IMG can assist you in restructuring how you are charged by your current merchant services provider in order to maximize savings. Our knowledge of the merchant services industry allows us to help you in making valuable improvements, without having to change your current bank or credit card processor. We employ every cost-saving measure available to ensure that your company receives the most competitive credit card processing rates available.


Our initial services have proven to be incredibly effective in drastically reducing our clients’ monthly credit card processing fees. In addition, continual monitoring of merchant services statements ensures that hidden fees, unnecessary surcharges, or an outdated pricing structure does not reappear on your company's monthly statements. Many credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, increase the charges associated with processing transactions twice a year, and processing companies may pass on these increased costs. Having your statements monitored guarantees that your company receives the best rates available when these price increases occur.
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The annual savings IMG delivered to our organization over the course of the a year will exceed $100,000

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IMG is a contingency-based merchant services auditing and consulting firm.
We audit the credit card costs for both small and large businesses.

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