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IMG is proud and honored to service businesses in various industries nationwide. We consider our clients our greatest asset. We understand and respect the relationship you have with your bank.
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Renegotiate Your Bill Without
Changing Your Payment Processor

IMG Audit finds the savings on your merchant services.

There are savings hidden on your merchant services statement—if you know where to look. IMG Audit identifies the excess charges on bills that hurt your bottom line. We combine decades of industry experience with our proprietary software to help you save in our 3-step process:


IMG audits your statement to find hidden fees, inflated rates, and erroneous surcharges. And we do it with no upfront costs. We only charge you when we save you money.


We’ll renegotiate your monthly rates with your existing bank on your behalf—there’s no work for you, and you don’t have to change processors to save money.


Even after we save you money, we keep working with you. Our proprietary software monitors your statements every month to be sure that excess fees or charges don’t return.


Frequently Asked Questions About IMG Audit Services

First, we discuss your situation on an initial call. If you choose to continue with the process, we ask for a recent copy of your merchant processing statement so that our experts can do a no-obligation review and identify where you are overpaying.

From there, IMG acts as an extension of your finance team, reaching out to your existing processor to address overages and mistakes.

IMG acts as a turnkey solution for your financial team—once you engage with us we do all of the work. We conduct a complete audit of your statements, we work on your behalf to address issues with your existing bank or processor, and we continue to automatically monitor and fix future statement issues.

IMG combines deep industry expertise with proprietary software algorithms to do a comprehensive line-by-line analysis of your statements. Our industry insiders have decades of experience in processing for the nation’s largest banks, and they work with our mathematicians to build the complex models that identify overpayments on your bill so that you reap the most savings.

No. IMG Audit allows you to save money on merchant services without changing processors. We simply help you to reduce your expenses with your current processor.

IMG Audit is contingency-based. The initial audit is complementary, and you’ll only pay if you realize savings.

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We've written a white paper where we explore 5 different ways banks inflate your rates or hide fees. Find out how you can spot them, and what you can do to fight back.  Fill out the form at the top of the page to download it now.

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IMG is a contingency-based merchant services auditing and consulting firm.
We audit the credit card costs for both small and large businesses.

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