Why IMG Is Truly Risk-Free

At IMG, we have a lot of different ways to describe ourselves, and sometimes they’re less straightforward than others. “Contingency-based,” for instance, is the fastest way to sum up what we do, but some people don’t totally understand that phrase.

There’s another phrase we use that catches people’s attention: risk-free.

How can something be risk-free? In this day and age, people are more sophisticated—and the phrase “risk-free” makes people skeptical.

Take It One Step at a Time
With IMG, the truth is that we are as “risk-free” as any product you could ever use—we do not charge you anything unless we find savings and successfully negotiate for them with your merchant services provider.

We understand why people can be skeptical—there’s plenty of other companies out there that misuse the phrase. But if we don’t find you anything, we’re “risk-free” because we’re free—we charge you nothing, and we wish you luck.

But if do we find you savings, we’ll ask for your permission to negotiate with your merchant services provider, and once we get you those savings, that’s when we take the fee. In that case, you’re guaranteed to come out ahead.

Keeping You Safe Down the Line
That’s not all we do, either. We keep working with you to make sure you the processing companies don’t start sneaking in fees again. We continue to monitor your bill with our company’s software, and if a new overcharge or incorrect fee pops up, we’ll catch it.

There’s a popular saying among savvier businessmen that “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” meaning that no one truly gives you anything for free. Well, IMG isn’t quite a free lunch, but we’re the closest thing you can get. If we find no savings, not only do you pay nothing, but you can now rest easy knowing that even industry experts think you have the best deal possible.

And if we do find you savings, you’re now making more revenue and can put it back into your business, instead of paying the credit card companies.