White Paper: 5 Ways Banks Inflate Your Merchant Services

This is the introduction to our new white paper, "5 Ways Banks Inflate Your Merchant Services Bill." Click here to find out more and download the full paper.

“Do I fully understand my merchant services bill?”

It’s a very fair question, and one many financial professionals ask themselves every month when their statement arrives.

The truth is that, even within the merchant services industry, only a few specialists completely

understand what these complicated statements mean. So for professionals outside of the industry, even those with financial expertise like CFOs, it can be hard to understand where there are opportunities to save money on a merchant services bill.

The reality is that most companies are paying far too much on their merchant services bills. But,

because merchant services and processing statements are so di_cult to read, it’s hard to know where those savings could be. From poor setup to incorrect fees, there are 5 ways banks are inflating your merchant services fees.

Download the full white paper here to find out the 5 ways.