Who Should Get Company Credit Cards at a Small Business?

Not every employee needs a company card, but for some members of a company, it's essential. Those who are regularly reimbursed for large business expenses are likely the ones who need access— think of sales representatives who regularly book business travel, for instance.

To determine whether an employee should receive a card, ask yourself:

1. Does this person make regular purchasing decisions (such as a lead software engineer or VP of product)?

2. Is this person frequently out of the office seeing clients (such as a relationship manager or salesperson)?

Provide a clearly written policy guiding employee use of the card. Many cards allow business owners to set credit limits for employees. Set limits based on the purchases you expect each employee to make. For instance, a business that has delivery drivers can give their employees a fleet (or fuel) card that caps fuel usage by monitoring gallon intake.

Providing cards to employees can also offer a convenient way to cleanly track and manage expenses and saves employees from having to personally front costs until they are reimbursed. If you have a small team of trusted employees who are often being reimbursed for business expenses, providing business credit cards is a good solution.