3 tips to protect your business from credit card theft

Credit card fraud is fairly common in the United States. In fact, according to a recent report from Barclays, 47% of credit card theft cases occur in United States. With that in mind, the following are some ways you can protect yourself from credit card fraud.

Always ensure the computer is secure enough to do online shopping
While this may seem fairly straightforward, many Americans make the mistake of using public computers to shop online. These computers usually do not have sufficient security to protect your credit card details from being easily hacked and used by another third-party. Hence, it is best to never shop online on public computers. Instead, use your own personal laptop or other highly secure computers.

Never disclose your credit card details in e-mails or over the phone
Often enough, we get e-mails or phone calls from third-party hackers under the guise of bank managers or employees asking for their credit card details. You should immediately know that this is another attempt to get hold of your credit card details and refuse to disclose your information. Many Americans fall for this trick, and later find that a considerable sum has been stolen from their account.

Always keep your credit card details and bank contact numbers handy
It is useful to write down your credit card account number and other details as well as your bank’s contact number for emergencies. If you ever notice that your credit card details have been stolen, you can quickly call your bank, notify them of your details, and cancel your last transaction.