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Merchant services fees are expensive, and for many businesses the credit card processing fees incurred each month are one of their largest expenses. Independent Merchant Group was founded in 2009, when our CEO realized that many businesses did not understand how merchant service fees are structured, and thus were not aware that they were being overcharged each month. Our team is made up of individuals with years of experience working in the merchant services industry, which allows us to share our skills and expertise with your company in order to save you a substantial amount of money.
Independent auditors. Not a bank, not a credit card processor

IMG focuses on assisting you in realizing the greatest monetary savings possible on your merchant services fees. Our unique and proprietary system allows you to utilize these cost-saving measures without the need for your company to change your current merchant services provider.

IMG Audit is a pioneer in the merchant processing industry. We are the first company of our kind, and unlike other companies that claim to provide comprehensive auditing of merchant services fees, all of our audits take place in-house, and you can count on the fact that none of your services will ever be outsourced. In fact, many of the companies that offer similar services actually outsource their accounts to us!
No upfront cost or commitment

When you hire IMG to audit your merchant services fees, there is absolutely no upfront cost or commitment. We do not have any set fees-- instead, our compensation is based on how much money your company saves! Our services are designed for companies in a wide variety of industries, including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, hospitality groups, non-profit organizations, schools, colleges, and universities.
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What our clients say:

[IMG services redirected] several hundred thousand dollars back to American Express Vacations bottom line the first year!

CFO, American Express Vacations

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IMG is a contingency-based merchant services auditing and consulting firm.
We audit the credit card costs for both small and large businesses.

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